Edward Square

Donnybrook, Dublin 4

From the earliest days of their foundation the Religious Society of Friends in Ireland, better known as the Quakers, had long associations with Donnybrook. One of their first foundations was off Morehampton Road, centred on a house with connections to the Irish patriot Robert Emmett. In time the house and grounds came to encompass a hospital and cultural centre for the Society.

In a transaction which involved the relocation of the Society to alternative site and construction of a new hospital and centre for the Society at Rathfarnham, Edward acquired the Donnybrook site in 2002. Under bold plans to create a garden square, recalling the great Georgian squares of Dublin, Edward created a unique development of some 61 residential units that paid homage to the site’s past and the mature urban environment of Dublin’s southern suburbs.

The development was a new departure for Dublin as nearly all residences were sold off plan and created record prices in so doing for that time. At present Edward is involved the development of the final phase of the development.